Common Watch Enthusiasts’ Words

When I listen to watch enthusiasts’ conversations I noticed that some words are often spoken. An array of expressions widely adopted in the debates. I’m not talking about words like “watch”, “dial”, “movement”, “bracelet”, “case” or the inflated 5-letters brand starting with “Rol” and ending with “ex”.

I’m talking about regular terms that seem to fit particularly well in the watch related discussions. These are some of the most used words/terms I often hear among watch enthusiasts.

Sure, many of them aren’t exclusive to watch aficionados and some are very commonly used in general English conversations. Some of the adjectives listed are especially used a lot in our era.

If I had a dollar for every time some representatives of the watch media pronounced “incredible” I’d be rich. 😉

Just a little mockery/joke of the spoken timepieces world.

P.S.: Oh, don’t forget the most overused one: “iconic”.

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